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Depth Of Field Part 2

In this segment we will look at other ways to increase the depth of field, beyond stoping the lens down. One simple approach is to angle your camera film and lens plane closer to the angle of your subject. Notice in the image above that the rear of the trailer is not in sharp focus and the front wheel is a little soft too. It was shot at an aperture of f/9. The next approach involves a lens that has tilt and swing capabilities. First we did a rough focus and then viewing through the live view, I then swung the lens to the right, bringing the rear of the trailer into focus. Next I viewed the hood ornament on the front of the truck and made sure that it was in focus. Now our plane of focus goes from the back edge of the trailer, intersecting through the trailer and truck to the hood ornament. We also used the up and down shift movement to position the truck better in the frame. See the image below for the results.The photo above shows the relationship of the camera to the model and a detail of the lens swing position. The next tool is a view camera, which allows all movements with both the lens and film plane. It can shift, tilt, and swing at the same time, where as tilt shift lenses are limited. Once again we cannot stretch true focus beyond the single plane, but we can alter the angle of that plane. And in doing so, we can achieve a greater depth of field without having to rely only on the aperture settings, as in the image below.The photograph below shows the model truck shot without the camera movements and was taken at the same f/stop as the photo above. Below is a photo showing the relationship of the view camera to the model. Unfortunately, the bellows make it difficult to see the camera movements. The view camera lens is tilted down and swung to the right to adjust the plane of focus in two directions. For product, or architectural photographers these lens and camera solutions are essential.

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