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It’s All About Planning

Even though pressing the the shutter happens in a split second, It is the planning that goes into that moment, that makes it successful. Wether if it’s a group shot indoors, or a architectural shot outdoors careful planning is essential. Going to a company to shoot a group photo sounds simple, but can be very difficult in a room that’s too small. Fortunate for the shot above the room was large enough. When the room or backdrop is too small, I have had to do large groups in two separate shots and put them together in post, such as the shot above. When it’s feasible, scouting a location prior to the shoot is always helpful, or have your client send snap shots of where and what you are shooting. Although less critical today, knowing the kelvin temperature of the available light is helpful. On most location shoots I will make diagrams of the lighting setups so my assistant knows what we are doing. It also helps me know what equipment to pack. On most shoots, I have eleven bags of gear, from cameras and lenses to lights and stands. Making sure that what ever comes out of a bag, goes back exactly where it came from. Having something put into the wrong bag, or pocket in the bag can create chaos on the next setup, or shoot. In regard to equipment, I just about travel with two of everything. If you are shooting professionally, stuff breaks down, or literally falls on the floor and breaks. If it’s the only one you brought with you, it could be a very expensive day, especially, if you are paying an assistant, a model, a stylist and rented location, not to mention an unhappy client. So with that said, if you don’t have two of each, rent what you need for the day.

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