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Turning An Idea Into Reality

Over the years I have always liked when my skills were challenged.  The one pertaining to this blog had to do with a concept of a printed word bursting through a stream of pouring water.  My first thought was, dose the text exist in a solid form and the answer was no.  The designer of this concept wanted me to create the splash with a space where the text would be placed.  My first thought was to use a burst of air, but that pushed the water in a way that wouldn’t simulate a solid object.   So, how was I to get a splash with out seeing what the water was hitting?  With a lot of elaborate options, I chose to use a simple electric eye that is used for an automatic safety  on a garage door.  The next part, was experimenting with the timing of the splash, so it triggered the flash after the object was off camera.  The object was a metal dark slide from a 4×5″ film holder.   It was mounted on an arm and swung in an arc through the water and past the electric eye.  The room was in total darkness during the process.  With the lights out, the cameras shutter was opened and the arm with the dark slide was swung through the water and electric eye firing the flash.  The shutter was then closed and prepared for the next shot.   Below is one of many exposures taken.

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