Friends of Bolton Mansion

Friends of Bolton Mansion members and volunteers work together to save this beautiful piece of history through fundraising events, private event rentals. Our goals for 2019 are building our volunteer base including specialists; increasing outdoor security on the property so that any restorations completed can stay intact ; restoring the first floor hallway which has been the last remaining restoration done in 2018 . Additionally we plan to update web presence by redesigning website as well as increase social media marketing.

The magnificent Bolton Mansion is the perfect location for any occasion – from corporate dinners and non-profit galas, to meetings or conferences with friends; hosting your next networking event in this impressive space.

A great place where you can celebrate all of life’s most important moments: weddings (yes even those!), birthdays celebrations during which everyone indulges their wildest wishes by getting wet at an outdoor poolside party complete with grilled meat off sinewy bones served alongside sides made fresh daily just outside New Orleans’ French Quarter…or perhaps how about some time alone? With breathtaking views over Miami’s South Beach landscape.

The house is one of the most historically and architecturally significant buildings in Pennsylvania. Every inhabitant since William Penn’s days has had an influence on history that can be traced back to this building.

The Friends of Bolton Mansion is a volunteer organization that has been in existence for over 100 years. We are always looking to bring our programs and events back to the mansion so we can restore it as well.

The Friends of Bolton Mansion are committed to fostering interest in the site, its history and how it has played an important role throughout all these years. With exhibits that can be visited by anyone (due open hours), this organization helps ensure preservation for future generations.

When the Bolton Mansion was scheduled for demolition in 1971, local residents banded together to fight against it. They became aware that this structure had significant history and importance with its ties within Bristol Twp., PA as well as Bucks County Conservancy who joined forces once they learned about what could happen if there were no interventions made by them or someone else onto these properties soon enough – before more damage would occur due solely out lackadaisical attitudes towards heritage preservation practices today.

The Friends of Bolton Mansion have been working tirelessly to preserve the history and bring it back into its original glory. Jim was awarded on Oct 24th, 1971 by Bucks County Conservancy for saving this iconic landmark from destruction during that time period when nobody cared about anything but themselves

A lot can happen in 27 years!