Lakeside Apartments

The graduate students at Lakeside Apartments are a lively, engaged bunch who love to share their experiences with others. Whether you’re looking for an apartment near the university or just want somewhere convenient close by so that your adventures don’t stop when class does, this community has what it takes.

Maintenance at Lakeside is done by an efficient team of maintenance staff. You can submit a work order using any one of four options: phone, email or in person at the management office on The Commons; you’re also able to do it online through your personal “Connect” account that Monogramlink provides for all residents! Work orders are usually completed within 48 hours but if there’s a urgency we have 24 hour urgent service available just like our other services such as plumbing repairs which happen instantly without having long wait times anymore because they’re backed up now thanks tp good old fashioned customer satisfaction.

The community garden is located on the Northeast side of our property, close to Lake Carnegie. Space(s) available in Lakeside’s newest additions! All requests must go through management office and are only granted if they pertain specifically with what we’re looking at here- gameplaying skills will be measured differently than other qualities such as hard work or creativity so keep that in mind when requesting access.

Lakeside is conveniently located on the University’s Tiger Transit route, which transports residents to and from campus. In addition, additional transportation will be available in your parking deck through Enterprise CarShare program (through their website). Your car awaits!

Guests are welcome to visit you for a limited time. You may not, however, extend their stay beyond the one week limit and they will need parking passes from University Transportation Services (TPS) office on “A” floor of New South Building if staying over night as well . The overnight visitor spaces can be used without charge until fills up so get yours now!

Lakeside Management offers a great living experience for its tenants. They have included internet in the rent, so you’ll never be without it! For those of use that need electricity too–the staff will send monthly bills from their company to each resident who lives at Lakesidese with an additional charge per unit based on how many people are renting out spots here (there’s no extra charge if only 1 person lives). And finally…for those residents still unsure what kind service they should set up with Comcast; we provide all helpful information about getting started right within this handbook.