Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a classic example of what can happen when you cross-pollinate art history and architecture. The building itself, with its gorgeous lines that seem to echo those from Greece or Italy’s classical periods are hard not to notice even if one passes right by them on the street below!

A hidden gem for lovers alike lies within this museum – fifty four galleries showcasing iconic sculptures like Italian Michelangelo’s David while also displaying some lesser known pieces such as Spanish Diego Rivera paintings (just make sure not let your guard down). Inside you’ll find everything imaginable: pottery ranging back thousands upon millennia; woodenware made using sustainable sources of wood.

In the movie Rocky III, played by Sylvester Stallone and released in 1985 to critical acclaim but less than stellar box office results (it would be another eight years before his next film), he unveiled a bronze statue of himself outside Philadelphia’s Museum Of Art. This is where you can strike an iconic pose with your arm raised into victory or show off some sass like the Academy Award winner aerobicized showcase named after him-TheRocky Steps! You’ll find Special Exhibitions on the first floor including one dedicated entirely to Thomas Eakins who was born here while upstairs holds European paintings ranging medieval times up until 1855 when it opened its doors as America’s First publicly funded museum exclusively containing representative examples instead.

The museum is home to many famous masterworks, such as Rubens’ Prometheus Bound and Monet’s The Japanese Footbridge. For those who enjoy art deco or textiles head over to the Perelman Building!

The free Introduction to the Collection tour is a great way for art and history enthusiasts who want more time in their schedule exploring all galleries. The museum also offers tours of colonial houses that were preserved by Fairmount Park, which you can take while enjoying some food or coffee at our on-site facilities!

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a must-see for history lovers and art appreciators alike. The Main Building, which houses many important pieces from ancient Greece as well other cultures such like Egyptian or Roman civilizations can be found on the second floor while there’s also an extensive collection available in Perelman Auditorium – just look out next time you’re driving past!

The Rodin museum features sculptures by French artist AugusteRodin who livedfrom 1823 until 1917; his most famous piece being “The Thinker.” It will leave your heart soar without any doubt whatsoever when we tell you this place exists outside those four walls.